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Complete telemetry solution

vBox device

compatible with mdb, exe, bdv, cci

WEB Software

Online monitoring and analysis


Vendon modular telemetry product consists of two components – purpose built HW unit and cloud based data analytics service. They work best as a team but can also perform mission critical tasks in team-work with 3rd party systems. Please contact us for API specification and your test account for connection to Vendon HW and SW services.

> 370
machine models supported
machine manufacturers supported

Vendon Hardware

Last time we counted, Vendon was servicing more than 370 different vending machine models from 40 machine manufacturers – hot and cold drinks, snacks and sandwiches, pre-cooked meals and bicycle parts, fresh meat and envelopes, office coffee and your corner-shop bakery cappuccino - you name it.

Technical documentation

Please contact us for complete technical documentation to see how we retrofit to your vending park. Some of the keywords we can give you right away - MDB, EXE, BDV, bi-directional DDCMP & DEX, MDB Master, FTL, CCI/CSI, GRPS, LAN, remote cashless.

Supported devices

At Vendon we believe that technology should simply work so that people have more time to think; that is why we take special care of doing our homework together with vending machine manufacturers' technical teams, to make sure that our customers can enjoy Plug&Play installations. You’ll find Vendon used as an industry reference for vending telemetry services and we are a proud supplier to N&W, Sielaff, Wurlitzer, Jofemar, HGZ, Schaerer, Ducale and others.

“Rome wasn't built in a day”

And the same can be said of Vendon's system. We're never finished, we're constantly on the lookout on how we can develop even further.

Vendon Software

We firmly believe that there’s much more to vending telemetry than sales reports. Vendon is on mission to help our customers make better decisions - both on daily basis and strategically.

Please contact us or Vendon sales and support partner closer to you for a complete product presentation and in-depth discussion on your unique organization and its challenges.

Business tools include

The business tools developed by Vendon and enjoyed by our customers include:

  • Real-time machine fleet monitoring

  • Real-time sales tracking and reporting in various formats

  • Machine inventory tracking

  • Cash control

  • Refill route planning and tasks

  • Mobile app for on-road personnel

  • Detailed technical monitoring

  • Customizable alerting schedules

  • Remote temperature measurement and tracking

  • Forecasting and planning tools

  • Profitability analysis per client/location/machine/product

  • Remote machine configuration changes including remote free-vend

  • Real-time synchronization with leading European vending ERP systems

  • Integrated service with major credit-card payment platforms

  • Open APIs for integration with 3rd party services

  • Enabler for mobile payment platforms on vending

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